Founder & CEO

Femi Williams, Born in 1982, renowned for his dynamic roles as an artist, dealer, and founder of the Iwalewa Gallery of Art. His journey in the realm of art took an intriguing turn during his tertiary years, as he ventured into the path of an art dealer. While pursuing his education at the Federal Polytechnic Auchi, his passion for art led him to engage with his peers and fellow art students, purchasing their artworks. This unique experience as a student dealer not only provided him with insights into the art market but also allowed him to support and engage with emerging artists. It was during this period that he honed his eyes for artistic talent and developed a keen understanding of artistic representation.

 Subsequently, he continued his academic pursuits at Federal Polytechnic Auchi, where he distinguished himself by graduating with a distinction in Painting. This educational foundation enriched his artistic skills and deepened his appreciation for artistic techniques and concepts.

Beyond his academic achievements and art practice, he went on to establish the Iwalewa Gallery of Art. This visionary endeavor not only showcases his own creations but also offers a platform for fellow artists to exhibit their work. Through this gallery, he has created a space for artistic dialogue and cultural exchange, fostering connections within the art community.  artistic journey , characterized by his roles as an artist, dealer, and gallery founder, highlighting his multifaceted approach to the art world. His commitment to personal artistic growth and the promotion of emerging talents exemplifies his dedication to enhancing the artistic landscape. His distinctive path serves as an inspiring testament to the diverse avenues through which individuals can contribute to and shape the art community.