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Iwalewa Gallery of Art is a beacon of Contemporary and Modern African Art, encompassing a rich tapestry of innovation and creativity from the African continent. This prestigious gallery celebrates the vibrant and dynamic art scene that embodies the essence of contemporary Africa.

Visitors to Iwalewa Gallery are immersed in a world of artistic expression that reflects the present, evolving narratives, and diverse perspectives that define contemporary African art. The gallery is a platform that brings together a large number of artists, each of whom contributes their own distinctive vision and expertise to create an engaging and thought-provoking experience.

Iwalewa Gallery displays an astounding variety of artistic forms, ranging from avant-garde sculptures to evocative paintings and from thought-provoking motifs to captivating collages. The gallery offers a carefully curated space where visitors can engage with the imagination, technical mastery, and profound insights of the artists.

As a center for artistic expression and cultural exchange, Iwalewa Gallery promotes dialogue, appreciation, and knowledge of African art. It encourages art devotees, collectors, academics, and the general public to investigate the vast spectrum of African artistic expression, transcending boundaries and nurturing a deeper connection between the global art community.

Iwalewa Gallery continues to play a pivotal role in promoting the legacy and contemporary essence of African art, bridging the past and present and illuminating the path to a vibrant artistic future in this tranquil and inviting setting.




Tale of 1000 Miniatures Art Fair

Tale of 1000 Miniatures Art Fair Hi there, thanks for visiting our website, the miniature art fair is a joint effort between Ogirikan Art Gallery and Iwalewa  Art Gallery. Taking place 1st December, 4th Floor Mega Plaza

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#TheArtPlug The Art Plug is an affordable exhibition of Paintings by young and established Nigerian artists. featuring Iwalewa Gallery of Art and Ogirikan Art Gallery at the Shop 2 at the Circle Mall Shoprite along Lekki/Epe

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A visit to the Iwalewa Art gallery which is rich in contemporary art and endless creativity promises to leave you filled with awe and wonder.