Prof. Salubi Onakufe’s solo exhibition was not just an event; it was an invitation to immerse yourself in the heart of artistic brilliance.

His creations breathe life into canvas and paper, telling stories of resilience, culture, and the uncharted territories of the human spirit. Each piece is a journey, a dance between vibrant hues and profound expressions.

Prof SalubiOnakufe, RDN, FHRD, msna was born in 1952 at Sapele in Delta State, Nigeria. He has his formal art training in Auchi Polytechnic from 1975 – 1980 and graduated with H.N.D Sculpture.

He later attended University of Missouri 1984-1986 B.ES & M. ED Art Educalion with emphasis on printmaking respectively, PHD Art Education & Professor of Printmaking from The African American University, Port-Novo-Republic of Benin, 2020.